Privacy policy


Tsaarinpesä Oy is committed to protect the privacy of their customers and offers possibilities to influence the handling of data. You may request the deletion of your data from our website.

By registering to our site, you accept GDPR mandated data handling to the registry handler, Tsaarinpesä Oy. Data and analytics based on the usage of the store may be shared with other online services the user has provided information to.

We use data to:

Provide user-friendly and safe service
Provide good customer service
Improve product recommendation and marketing
Development of customer service and the online store

Registry handler:

Tsaarinpesä Oy (VAT-number: 3009462-6)
Pyssykankaantie 371
29270 Nakkila

What data is collected of me?
Identifcation and information provided by the user
Identification, such as name
Contact information, such as address, email and phone number
Location data, which is used to give an estimate on delivery time, if provided by the customer
Data obtained from use of the service and analytics
Purchase history, such as ordered items and their price
Shipping data, such as the preferred shipping method and address
Product reviews
Use of the online store, browsing data and end user device
Product recommendations and other targeted content

The main source of data is the user themselves, we may receive additional data from our associates, such as credit card services. User data obtained from third party organizations will be informed of during first contact with the customer or by the end of the month of having received said data as is stated in standard data protection regulations.

How will we use your data?

Your identification, contact info and payment info are mandatory to process shopping transactions
To improve our customer service
To maintain our customer service
Shipping, handling and the archiving of orders
To improve our operations and services
To improve our customer experience
Analytics and archiving
More personalized content and marketing
To prevent fraudulent purchases

The data is processed for the use of customer relationships, agreements, the use of the website by customer's express consent or by obligations of law.
All personal data is protected from loss, change, exchanging of or any other illegal handling of from accidental or unlawful access.

Tsaarinpesä Oy's customer data is stored in Zoner network service provider's data center. You can read more about Zoner data protection at
All access to user data is handled with care.
Tsaarinpesä Oy has exclusive access to customer data and we commit to use that data safely and ethically.
We keep your data for only a needed amount of time so that we can satisfy the intended uses listed in this document. Some data may be kept for a longer duration for lawful obligations, such as responsibilities regarding consumer shop transaction fulfillment and accounting.
Customer data may be made anonymous or deleted from Tsaarinpesä's system by the customers request. Anonymization and deletion is irreversible, and we cannot recover removed customer accounts.
Law mandates that parts of user data is to be kept for a longer duration for the following reasons:
Bookkeeping act determines longer preservation of data irregardless of whether the data contains user data or not.
Complying with obligations regarding the consumer store.
System data logs and data are kept in a manner mandated by law so that we can provide a legitimate and safe online store for our customers.
Sufficient backups from the store's database and systems for data protection, troubleshooting, and to ensure the continuation of service.

What are your data protection rights?
You have the right to request Tsaarinpesä for copies of your personal data
You have the right to request correction on any data you believe is inaccurate and the removal of data, under certain conditions
You have the right to request that Our Company restrict the processing of your personal data, under certain conditions
If you have been given a prompt to consent to data processing, then you have the right to withdraw consent at any time (where relevant)
You may make a request to our customer service regarding the use of your personal data. The request must be adequately personalized so that our customer service can confirm your identity. We will inform you if we are not able to fulfill your request, such as removing all of your personal data, to which we have a statutory obligation or right to keep
If you notice anything lacking or illegal in our personal data processing, you have the right to file a complaint to a data protection authority.

How do I get the data stored in the system for myself?
You can request the data from the account settings or contacting us at:
We may give away some required data to third parties for product deliveries and marketing. Your user data will also be passed on to the designated credit card issuer.
We also use customer data with third parties for analytics and personalization. We use browsing and transaction details with our affiliates to offer better product suggestions and offers to you. This data is made anonymous and only we can find who it belongs to.
We give away data to authorities when needed. We inform you of these data requests whenever it is allowed.
We do not give away customer data to third parties when it is not required.
Our shopping page uses cookies.
We utilize Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google AdWord, Google Display Network and Google DoubleClick for our website, recommended products, trends and analytics based on marketing if you've consented to it. Data sent to Google is anonymous. Read more about Google Analytics data processing.
We reserve the right to change the data protection document as the services and law requirements develope. We will inform registered customers of relevant updates.

Contact info
You can contact us about privacy, data processing and this privacy policy document at: