Our boutique

Whether you are a farmer or a beekeeper or even producer of arts and crafts, you need your own space where you can exhibit and sell your stuff. And since we thought that we should offer authentic to our farm products, the idea of building a small shop was born.

In Finland (as well as a lot of our foreign customers), the population is very well orientated towards buying fresh products, directly from farms or small producers whenever possible.

It somehow is natural, that when you live on a farm , you offer your goods for sale to your nearest neighbors, and other clients at first directly from you front door (or shop in this case )

And so, that is how we started in the fall of 2020 and in December of 2020 (a horrible year to do business- but as we`ve always been upstream swimmers) our small boutique shop was finished and ready to go.

In the beginning, our sole product was honey, and some small quantity of wool and sheepskins. After a while we started offering fresh and frozen lamb meat, and our (now famous) sausages with herbs and spices, as well as Chorizo lamb sausages.

Soon we are awaiting the beginning of our first feta cheese products from sheep’s milk. And we are dreaming of maybe one day, producing in full capacity all sorts of tasty sheep milk products; yogurt, cheeses, feta and ice cream.

Our boutique, is easy to find. It is conveniently located by the Pyssykankaan road between Nakkila and Luvia.

As of this summer, we will be also offering refreshments and ice cream on our new deck terrace. And don´t worry, you can also pick up fresh strawberries with you on the road to your vacation spot.

To make the day memorable, you can of course see and pet the sheep in our front yard.

If you don`t have change, you can always pay by a card or PayPal, even MobilPay goes for us as well.

Come visit with us!