The Bees

Oli pitkäikäinen haaveemme aloittaa mehiläisten kasvatus. Se näytti täydentävän ajatusta muuttamisesta pois kaupungin hälinästä ja ennen kaikkea sitä, että saisimme olla lähellä luontoa. Ja kuinka hienoa se on ollutkaan. Ei ole mitään palkitsevampaa, kuin kiireinen päivä mehiläisfarmilla kauniissa ympäristössä.

So, after reading a million articles, and two dozen of books on beekeeping we gained the courage to start with two hives. Our location in Nakkila is a fortunate one, with variety of natural surroundings. We have woods and fields, as well as large planes with all sorts of cultures. Also, the area is very fruitful with berries and other fruits.

Our first two beehives we placed on the boundary between the clover field and the woods. And we started watching. And learning. About the rhythm, the hierarchy and the preferences of the bees. Amazing how time just seems to fly when one observes the activities of these small creatures.


As pollinating qualities of the bees are known widely, it was still unexpected for us to finds out that even during the first summer of beekeeping our own garden`s fruitfulness had been upped by at least 20%. The same continued from year to the next. Not only that, but all our products of the garden have also increased in size, aroma, and fruitfulness. And there was a serious impact on the healthiness of our trees, plants and produce.

What was before a woodland area in our vicinity, which barely grew any berries, now is a place of abundance of blackberries, wild raspberries and lingonberries.


I must admit that our dog Dora is probably happiest with this fact, as she loves the long walks in the summer evenings in the woods. She enjoys sniffing every bush and berry there. 😊

Emme jättäneet mehiläisten viljelyä näiden kokemusten myötä siihen, vaan olemme kasvattaneet viimeisen muutaman vuoden aikana mehiläispesiemme määrää kahdesta kolmeenkymmeneenviiteen. Mehiläispesiä on neljässä eri sijainnissa.


What we find fascinating about the bees is probably the correctness and order that they live by in their hives. The follow certain rules, patterns etc.… and although sometimes their movements might seem chaotic, in fact bees are amazing communicators. They abode by the unwritten rules of the family, and every second of their life is dedicated to working, perfecting, building, protecting the queen and the hive. So to speak, bees live in a voluntary totalitarism, but it is a relationship in which everyone has own purpose and place in the hierarchy. Of course, this means that their families are in balance and every need is met.

So, when bees are happy … they produce. Besides honey, bees give us Propolis, bees pollen, Royal jelly, perga (bee`s bread) and of course wax.

Fascinating how much of the products of the beehive are in fact beneficial not only for the bees but for humans as well. There is nothing wasted or unnecessary in the hives of the bees.

We have still to learn from them… a lot.