Our farm

Our small piece of paradise is as small farm in the southwest region of Satakunta. Moving here was a decision made in a heartbeat, because we fell in love with this sunny countryside farm at first sight.

We stepped in the farmers boots from scratch and without prior experience, for us moving to the countryside was a decision we had made far before it actually happened.

We’ve been amazed by the pureness of nature and people`s counduct towards it ever since we came to Finland in 2011. We wanted to be a part of all that. To be in contact with nature has been educational and healing in such many ways for our family.

When we saw this farm for sale in 2015, we instantly fell in love with it. We knew that this is the place…this is our home.

We were on our way to start something new. For a big city girl and a small town boy to grow into farmers, it took some time, effort and a lot of moments of desperation. There have been also moments of wondering ”what are we doing?”, and ”are we on the right track?”

We started with a group of ten Finnish sheep in the fall of 2016. After half a year the position of the main ram was taken by Oggala- an east frisian breed. The idea was to grow the herd gradually, and to breed the sheep with milk producing genes. At the moment we have 83 sheep of which 54 are milking sheep.

Lambs are born in our farm in almost every season. We have 3-4 lambing seasons a year, so that way we can guarantee regular milking volume throughout most of the year.

After 5 years of hard work and studying about sheep breeding and farming, we've finally gotten off to a good start as a sheep milk production farm. There aren't many of us in Finland, as sheep milk is a new commodity here.

We do a lot of product testing with sheep milk, and our first product to come out is naturally formed feta cheese.

Some of the products can be tasted directly at our farm. We also have lamb meat products that we sell from our boutique shop, together with honey.

Our farmer-dad Krasi is mainly in charge of caring for the animals and the bees. He also gets a lot precious help from his two small helpers Viktor-Aleksander (5) and Jana (3). Our teenage daughter Raya (14) is also handy with the sheep, as she has already learned so much of farmwork and animal care. She is also in charge of the boutique-shop and sales.

And big city girl – farmer mamma Olivera, is doing the best she can to help with paperwork, networking, logistics and online shop management. She especially enjoys working with the bees and honey.

Last but not least, we introduce here our dear 8 years old dog- Dora (Labrador retriever), who is no shepherds dog but loves to frolic with the sheep on the field and to run free at the farm. Her clumsiness aside, she is a very loving and friendly creature.