Tsaarinpesä - Quality products and well being from nature

Tsaarinpesä Oy is a small Finnish family company dedicated in bringing you the purest of Finnish nature in a honey jar. We are comfortably situated in the western region of Finland near the sea, lakes and purest rivers in this area. The sun is abundant in the long summer days here.

Our surrounding have to offer only the clearest resources of water, forests and flowery meadows in the entire of Europe. Our bees gather pollen from multiple bee gardens in the area. They help in pollinating our beautiful nature abundant on berries, flowers and forest trees. We are proud to collect only the purest of gifts of nature from our beehives and bring to you in the form of a raw honey, with all the best substances preserved in it. We only remove the raw imperfections of the honey manually and leave the beneficial ingredients for our clients. So to say, we do not stir, shake or bake our honey. We do not add dillutants, aromas or preservatives. Everything you get is what nature has put together for you , our client , in the form of raw honey.

Our spring honey selection, brings you the freshness of flowers and wildberry pollens from selected gardens and forests. In the late summer honey, you can enjoy the sun kissed meadow flowers and fruits` aroma and unique taste.

So … there you go. Be prepared to taste pleasures of Finnish nature in a jar of Tsaarinpesä honey.

From our online store you are able to find our products that are also available for export. We welcome you to stop by here our boutique in Nakkila.